Grow your money Period.
Grow your money Period.Fix Money in Frame

Fix Money Work


Product Description

Amplify and grow your money by allowing The Hoodoo Queen to FIX your money! This service is only $10 and you can do it as much as you’d like. The process is simple on your part

  1. Purchase the Service
  2. Send The Hoodoo Queen the Dollar Amount you wish to attract in multiples for example $1,$5,$20,or $100
  3. The Hoodoo Queen will work and fix your money in The Queen’s monthly Money Pot
  4. You will Receive the Dollar Amount Back for your Keeping
  5. NEVER SPEND THIS FIX MONEY, it is a magnet to bringing other money to you.
  6. ( Have this done for your children to as a beautiful room decoration until they begin to work their first job)



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