Hoodoo Holidays



The 12 Days of Hoodoo!

20%OFF on Different Items for 12 days and $5 Off Cart ! (11/26/2018 – 12/7/2018)

with a minimum Purchase of $45

This is a one time of year Hoodoo Holiday Sale that will allow to save big on some of your major magical supplies. For 12 Days you will experience 20% off  on Co.Meadows Conjure and Essence of The Queen Items. In addition to this we will also provide you $5 off your final purchase that goes towards shipping, that’s right $5 off Shipping!  Make Sure you Stay Up to Date with the Days and Sales a List and Coupon is Below So Save Up and Save Big. Happy Hoodoo Holidays

For the 12 Days of Conjure, Hoodoo Queen she gave to MeeeEEEE!!!

( Each Day use this code (#hoodooholidays) with accompanied with the Hoodoo Day it Falls On, i.e. #hoodooholiday1, #hoodooholiday2, #hoodooholiday8

11/26: All Readings ( excluding $5off Shipping since there is no shipping) Code:#HoodooHoliday1and2

11/27: Fix Candles Coupon Code: #HoodooHolidays1and2

11/28: Conjure Oils Coupon Code: #HoodooHolidays3

11/29: Incenses Coupon Code: #HoodooHolidays4

11/30: Essence of The Queen Products Coupon Code: #HoodooHolidays5

12/1: Bath Crystals Coupon Code: #HoodooHolidays6

12/2: Soap Coupon Code: #HoodooHolidays7

12/3: The 2019 Hoodoo Queen Conjure Fete™ Tickets Coupon Code: #HoodooHolidays8

12/4: Elixirs Coupon Code: #HoodooHolidays9

12/5: Hoodoo Queen Conjure Tarot Set Coupon Code: #HoodooHolidays10

12/6: Online Workshop Series Coupon Code: #HoodooHolidays11

12/7: New Years Good Luck and Cleansing Bath Ritual. Coupon Code: #HoodooHolidays12

Many Blessings Upon you and all that you Love,

Royal Dark Love ,

Co.Meadows The Hoodoo Queen