Royal Essence Perfumes
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Essence of Queen Royal Treatments



Product Description

Soaps on a Rope

I welcome you in the the Royal Court of Co.Meadows The Hoodoo Queen, here you will experience personal spirits that the queen has work with for 25 years.  The queen has formulate these spirits into Original Essence Oil, Perfumes and Soaps. Ritually prepared and blessed you will find a sweet fragrance and heavy ase within each of the Premium Conjure Items.

Introducing the Royal Court:

Gold Armor: Heirs Essence, Easy Money, Get Paid NOW workings, and EVERLASTING FINANCIAL benefits.

Black Armor: Reign Essence, Love DOMINAITON and Control

Navy Armor: Rite Essence, Removing Obstacle that surround your LIFE PURPOSE.

Red Armor: Knight Essence, Spirits of Protection against UNNATURAL CAUSES.

White Armor: Purify, Obtain & Ease with the REMOVAL negative distractions.

Week 10.1. 2018- 10.8,2018 ( Will take 3-4 days to Ship)

OCTOBER 9, 2018 Orders will ship within 1-2   business days

Additional Information

Essence of the Queen Royal Treatments & Gifts

Royal Essence Box with Money 1/3oz Bottles, Royal Essence Box with Love 1/3oz, Royal Knight Essence Oil 1/3oz, Royal Reign Essence Oil 1/3oz, Royal Heirs Essence Oil 1/3oz, Royal Rite Essence Oil 1/3oz, Royal Heirs Essence Perfume 1.64oz, Royal Knight Essence Perfume 1.64oz, Royal Rite Essence Perfume 1.64oz, Royal Purify Essence Perfume 1.64oz, Royal Reign Essence Perfume 1.64oz, Heirs Soap on a Rope (single bar), Reign Soap on a Rope (single bar), Rite Soap on a Rope (single bar), Purify Soap on a Rope (single bar), Knight Soap on a Rope (Single Bar), Heirs Soap on a Rope (Full Rope), Reign Soap on a Rope (Full Rope), Rite Soap on a Rope (Full Rope), Purify Soap on a Rope (Full Rope), Knight Soap on a Rope (full Rope), Royal Court Rope (1 Rope with Each Royal Soap)


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