Exlixirs, Potions, & Remedies


This formula is designed to induce a males sexual desire. Making him “Ready”


Product Description

This Page provides a variety of  holistic healing tools that  may come in the form or Powders, Oils, Teas, in addition to  Topical Solutions.  Some of these items are design but not limited to consumption, meaning they are edible. PLEASE NOTE THESE ITEMS ARE NOT FDA APPROVED AND YOU MY USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

These recipes are family standing recipes and formulas or as we as say, “fomil!”  Influence by the West Indie, West African, Southern African American and Indigeous Shamanic Medicine The Hoodoo Queen will fix you right up!

Additional Information


Witch Elixir, Good Witch Elixir, Magnify Witch Elixir, Eternal Witch Elixir, Stag Elixir, She Witch Elixir, Lit Witch Elixir, Papa Elixir, Mama Elixir, Sante Witch Elixir, He Ready Formula (Powder), He Ready Oil,


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