Candle Magic 101

Hoodoo Candle Magic 101


To Join Must Sign Up By June 8,2019 @12pm CT/ 1pm ET

Class Begins: June 8,2019 at 2pmCT

Class will be 1hour may a little longer

Are you interest in TRADITIONAL uses of candle or better spoken fire working in the tradition of Hoodoo. Well you can join Queen Co. this Saturday June 8, 2019 Hoodoo Candle Magic 101 Online Course. This course will debunk and clear up any confusion regarding candle working.

In addition to this we will be learning Spell work for Cleansing, Money, and Love Candle or Fire Conjure. This Class will be held on Facebook Live in a secret group. You will Need to Add Cornelius Benson as a friend and send a PM stating Candle Magic 101.  Even if you miss the online class this Saturday it will be up for 2 months  so you can go back and replay the video when you are repaired to received what the Queen has in store.


You’ll Need:



Red,Green, and White Candles on Stand By… Truth be told YOU ONLY NEED WHITE/ WHATEVER COLORS YOU HAVE ON HAND.

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