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Live Donation Readings


Thank you for participating in our weekly Live Donation Readings. This is where you , 4 Lucky Viewers will have the opportunity to get a live Reading by Queen Co.Meadows; The Hoodoo Queen during Mid-Week Witch on Facebook Live on Wednesday nights at 8pm ( Central Time) then have a second chance at getting a live reading Instgram live at 9:15pm (Central Time). If you are chosen you also receive FREE PRODUCT  AND FREE SHIPPING!

This is a raffle-style-non-refundable Reading system.  Each Sunday this Option will be open for you and all other viewers to have a chance at winning. Here are the Rules:

  1. Each Sunday this option will become open to the public the last day to participate in Wednesday at Noon.
  2. Purchase Your Donation ( For Each Dollar You Spend Your Order Number is Added to the Raffle Reading Basket; Example Ticket Number 0001 pays $10 Donation , therefore 0001 order number is added 10 times to the Raffle Reading Basket)
  3. Write 1 Question in the notes section of your purchase
  4. You must tune in to Facebook Live and Instgram Live you have 2 Chances times the donation amount to get your live reading!
  5. Share the Live, Like and Follow the Pages

Additional Information

Donation Tiers

$1, $5, $10


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