The Hoodoo Queen Conjure Tarot

(Please Note that  each Hoodoo Conjure Tarot Card Set is not shipped immediately. Each Month there will be a Pre-Order Group with Card Set  Arriving the Following Month. Example Purchase in March Arrives to you the first of April.)
The Hoodoo Queen Conjure Tarot
Welcome to The Hoodoo Queen Conjure Tarot, a divination system born out of the indigenous traditions and practices of African Americans in the deep south best known as hoodoo. In addition to the African Communities of the south you will get a first hand look into the family traditions and practices of the Meadows and Des La Pound family
lineage of Hoodoo, Obeah and Vodou.
The Hoodoo Queen Conjure Tarot is not read from a tarot divination system point of view but the set is actually read from a Bone Reading or Playing Card Divination foundation. This is a unique and one of a kind system that will teach and guide you to develop your gift(s) of seership.
I thank you so much for your purchase, may this deck allow you connect and /or reconnect to our Ancestral Lineage in light of wisdom, in additional to African American Conjure, Rootwork and the Grand Door of Hoodoo.
Because this set is so unique Co.Meadows will be providing the Conjure Tarot Reading Online Course. This is a 3 Part Course that allows you to meet twice a month a total of 4 hours a month that providing a step by step Live Guide of this card set . After Completing this course you will receive a certificate crediting you completion of the course.  Visit Shop Conjure for more details on the card set as well as the Online Course. 

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Goddess of Manifestation Artist: Lynthia Edwards

Lynthia Edwards is a southern small-town bred artist. whose expressionistic style is self developed yet culture by her attendance at The Art Institute of Atlanta and graduate studies, at University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is widely known by her BLACK GRITS, compilation, shown at galleries all over the southern region. She dedicates her time imparting creativity into a wide range of youth in the Birmingham area. Her pieces are adorned by rich color and southern style. Her old soul transforms a canvas into pieces which tell stories or the southern experience. She hopes to lend the world an inside view of what it means to be a Black Girl Raised in the The South.

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