The Roots

Co. Meadows Conjure Products, are my brand of ALL NATURAL, HOLISTIC AND SPIRITUAL Supplies Tools and Services; designed to bring divine change to certain life conditions. 
Working "The Roots"  In traditional African American spiritual beliefs, communities and culture. The art and crafting of herbal medicine is called "ROOTWORK." The ability to formulate, and conjure healing tonics, salves, ointments, and potions that fix many health issues and conditions. The beauty of our traditions and practices in herbal medicine are herbs and roots equally or more powerful spiritually, if you will. In our religious and spiritual beliefs we are taught that every herb has a spiritual and holistic benefit. Because we know every herb has a spiritual purpose as well as being medically healing, you would often discover a rootworker would also be a conjure man or woman.  Overtime many Spiritual Healers those anointed with "the gift" and other spiritual abilities found the same, to the term "rootworker" covered two aspects of our community.  The Co.Meadows Conjure products are spiritual and holistic tools that are beneficial to the user.  So regardless of the holistic benefit you receive know that there is a spiritual blessing that is to follow!
Blessings Upon You,
"The Hoodoo Queen"