The current sovereign of the Imperial Lineage and Court Milner-Meadows Des La Pound  is held by her majesty Queen Co.Meadows. This Imperial Court has been a leading force in the preservation and authentic representation of African American, Native American and West Indie American indigenous-folk practices, medicines and traditions. The Imperial Lineage Milner-Meadows Des La Pound, have been imperative in these spiritual practices and traditions in America’s history since the early 1800’s’.


Queen Co.Meadows, honored and celebrated as a major influencing Spiritual Healer, Worker and Leader, has taken the purpose and responsibilities of the imperial lineage beyond and regional reach. Queen Co.Meadows has utilize her majesty’s  wisdom, leadership, education and responsibilities  to create international spaces that reconnect the descendants of the African and Native Diaspora to their traditional spiritual and holistic practices. The Queen and Court grand purpose is to restore the respect and honor to these traditions and the people of these traditions. The Imperial Court Milner-Meadow Des La Pound, expresses the importance of building and encouraging the people of today. Encouraging each of us to look into their blood lineage and discover the power and strength of the ancestors that run with in each us. “The beauty and power of traditions are in preserving the old customs, and not in modifying and conforming in modern trends,” statement of Queen Co.Meadows.

With over 3 decades as training successor and now reigning Queen,  Queen Co.Meadows; best known as the The Hoodoo Queen ™ on social media, is the leading force in Traditional African American Folk practices, healing, and traditions. Queen Co. has taken her  local and regional community services to international levels by creating a online and brick and mortar business’s that provides education , tools, events and services for the rapidly growing African and Indigenous Spiritual Community. Queen Co. Meadows and her Imperial Court work passionately in the preservation of these folk practices and traditions; also by investing in aspiring African and Indigenous Spiritual Entrepreneurs across the globe.

Queen Co. Meadows, has taken the wisdom of her Imperial Lineage, Milner-Meadows Des La Pound, and created a company  that would allow those beautiful and precious remedies, traditions and rituals of her ancestral lineage to live and thrive. Providing spiritual services and supplies through her company Co.Meadows Conjure ™  her majesty’s company has recognize the power and beauty of Mobile,AL. Acknowledging the beauty, power and significance of Mobile,AL she as recently began to hold an annual event that showcase the history and energy of the this amazing city known as The Hoodoo Queen Conjure Fete™.