The Hoodoo Queen

Blessings and Protection Upon You!

     This is Co.Meadows  best known as “ The Hoodoo Queen,” is a Gifted and Anoited Vodou-Hoodoo Spiritual Worker located in Opelika, Alabama.   As the descendant of Vodou Priest and Obeah men and women, his foundation in conjure are rooted within these ancient African traditions, practices and rituals.Co.Meadows was born in Alabama by many strong lines of spiritual workers with influence being form West Africa, West Indies, and Native to the Caribbean and North America.  These families are best known for their acts of conjure and rootwork in public places like splitting clouds on a progressive stormy afternoon.  In addition, to the inherited gifts like mediumship, second sight “being gifted,” and of course conjure.

Co.Meadows, is the owner of Co.Meadows Conjure and  Www.CoMeadows.Com and Www.TheHoodooQueen.Com where you can find unique spiritual products and services that were formulated by the Del a Pound and Meadows Family. Co.Meadows Conjure is unique due to the formulas that have dated back in his family for nearly 200 years. Providing many conjure, rootwork, and divination services, as a keeper of these ancient ways of living, Co.Meadows aims to connect or reconnect those with their loved ones that have transitioned. More over that “The Hoodoo Queen’s” purpose is to heal, justify, enlightened, and/or restore divine balance in the personal lives of the clients.

Head shot of Co.Meadow " The Hoodoo Queen"