Essence of The Queen Oracle

Essence of The Queen Oracle

(Please Note that oracle sets can take up to 3-4 business days to process and 7-14days to arrive, we aim to provide these as quickly as possible.)
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Sit with the Queen as she guides your steps in the unknown. Taste of her essence and trust of her wisdom. The Dark Mother, Mother of Shadows and Dark Moon doesn’t fear the night because she is the night. You are moth and  she is the flame that lights your way.



Goddess of Visual Conjure Artist: Lynthia Edwards

Lynthia Edwards is a southern small-town bred artist. whose expressionistic style is self developed yet culture by her attendance at The Art Institute of Atlanta and graduate studies, at University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is widely known by her BLACK GRITS, compilation, shown at galleries all over the southern region. She dedicates her time imparting creativity into a wide range of youth in the Birmingham area. Her pieces are adorned by rich color and southern style. Her old soul transforms a canvas into pieces which tell stories or the southern experience. She hopes to lend the world an inside view of what it means to be a Black Girl Raised in the The South.

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