Co.Meadows Conjure  Fixed Candle
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Fixed and Loaded Candles


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Product Description

Co.Meadows Blessing Candles are a 100 % Soy, and Long-lasting in addition to being motivational and affirmatively inspired these candles  have amazing scents that will accompany any of Co.Meadows soaps  for an amazing relaxing read or a warm bath to rewind after a long day.

Additional Information

Fixed Jar Candles

Love Passion, Block Buster, Van Van, Break Jinx, Jinx, Safter Travel, Sex Me Boy, Sex Me Girl, Seer, Black Cat, Commanding, Suffering, Healing, Confusino, Fertility, Hot Foot (Pye Cho), Prosperity (Bonne Chance), Love Attraction (Venez a Moi), Cleansing (Nettoyage), Banishing (Bani), Protection (Pwoteksyon), Mastery (Metriz), Compelling (Irezistib), Road Opening (Road Ouvèti), Tie Nature (Mare Nati), Clarity, My Favor (Favè Mwen), Aphrodite, Retrograde, Repelling( Repouse)


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