2020 Conjure Fete
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2020 Hoodoo Queen Conjure Fete

5 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)



The 2020 Hoodoo Queen Conjure Fete

March 27th, 28th, & 29th

( Please Note March 27th located at Africantown Cemetery & is Free with any General Admission Ticket)


The History Museum of Mobile

 111 S Royal St, Mobile, AL 36602

( Intermarry is sent 1 week Prior to Event)


Classes & Rituals Include:

  • Hoodoo Defense Conjure Workshop ( Queen Co.Meadows)
  • Hoodoo Seduction Conjure Workshop ( Queen Co.Meadows)
  • Bone Reading Workshop ( Queen Co.Meadows)
  • Osun 101 ( Tatianna Tarot)
  • Beyond The Tarot ( Tatianna Tarot)
  • Ritual Baths (Tatianna Tarot)
  • Haitian Vodou & Folkloric Dance Pt.2 ( Mama Baderinwa)
  • Annual Cleansing Ritual
  • Annual Protection Ritual
  • Discussion Panel on Spiritual Entrepreneurship ( Becoming a Spiritual Business)
  • 2nd Annual Graveyard Walk & Ancestral Veneration
  •   And More!!!

All Classes are hands-on workshop that leaves you with Effective spiritual tools and supplies.  This means you will leave with custom tools and spiritual allies that you have conjured within the class under the presenters keen instruction. So please prepare to leave with more that you arrived with!

Tatianna Tarot

Tatianna TarotTatianna leads annual international retreats that caters personal development, spiritual wellness and mental health and hosts various workshops throughout the U.S, focusing on Spiritual practices of the African diaspora, multi-dimensional Energy Healing and Divination work. The Ase Collective, is a monthly donation-based gathering facilitated by Tatianna in New Orleans, catering to the spiritual development, community and education of the african diasporic healing practices. All proceeds from the Ase Collective are donated to a local organization benefiting Black womxn and children of New Orleans, La.
Tatianna Tarot has been featured in & worked for: VH1, Bravo, Vice, Mitú, Being Boss, Black Girl in OM, Latina Magazine, MadameNoire, Bustle & more. She believes in the power of the African diasporic sacred arts as a catalyst for self-transformation, holistic health, mental clarity, connection to one’s roots & to provide empowerment in our personal quest. To reach her visit: TatiannaTarot.com or email: Hello@TatiannaTarot.com

Mama Baderinwa Rolland

Ellen Rolland, affectionately known as Mama Baderinwa was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has taught dance and theater in the New Orleans school system for over 30 years and is a founding member and past Artistic director of Kumbuka African Drum and Dance Collective. As a member of Kumbuka she assisted in bringing the “Father of Haitian Dance”, Jean Leon Destine to New Orleans in 1992 and her experience in studying Haitian Dance began.  Hard work and creativity earned her a FulBright Scholarship allowing her to travel to the Caribbean Islands to research dance, movement and African retention. Her studies in Diaspora Spiritul systemes began in 1982 studying with the Ausar Auset Society, then in 1990 she received her elekes in Lucumi with Iya Folani Ali. In 2006, she was initiated into Palo Mayombe with her first Godfather, Ta Ta Gary Williams of New Orleans. Baderinwa is currently a student of Haitian Vodou receiving much of her knowledge studying with Hougan Damas “Fan Fan” Louis Baderinwa is the founder and artistic director of Chakra Dance Theatre and Omosede Children’s Dance Theatre.
     Queen Co.Meadows The current sovereign of the Imperial Spiritual Lineage and Court Milner-Meadows Des La Pound  is held by her majesty Queen Co.Meadows; The Hoodoo Queen™ . This Imperial Court has been a leading force in the preservation and authentic representation of African American, Native American and West Indie American indigenous-folk practices, medicines and traditions. Queen Co.’s family is and has been imperative in these spiritual practices and traditions in Southeastern American  history since the early 1800’s and further.
With over 3 decades as training successor and now reigning Queen,  Queen Co.Meadows; best known as the The Hoodoo Queen ™ on social media, is the leading force in Traditional African American Folk practices, healing, and traditions. Queen Co. has recently opened Conjure South located at 2353 Airport Blvd. in Mobile,AL. Conjure South  provides authentic education , tools, events and services for the community and surrounding areas. Queen Co. Meadows and her Imperial Court work passionately in the preservation of her family lineage of magic, Hoodoo & Obeah in addition to assisting others in preserving  and educating others on their traditional folk practices and traditions.
She is also the creator & founder of the Annual Hoodoo Queen Conjure Fete ™  hosted in Mobile,AL.  The Conjure Fete ™ is a  three day weekend of Magical Empowerment classes, rituals and interactive workshops with a strong focus in Hoodoo in addition to other spiritual systems outside of her lineage. Queen Co.Meadows has created this platform that allows followers to reconnect the descendants of their lineage rather that is African, Native , or European Diaspora to their traditional spiritual and holistic practices.
The Queen and Her Court’s  grand purpose is to restore the respect and honor to these traditions and the people of these traditions. The Imperial Court Milner-Meadow Des La Pound, expresses the importance of building and encouraging the people of today. Encouraging each of us to look into their blood lineage and discover the power and strength of the ancestors that run with in each us. “The beauty and power of traditions are in preserving the old customs, and not in modifying and conforming in modern trends,” statement of Queen Co.Meadows.

Product Description

Hoodoo Queen Conjure Fete Presenters

2020 Hoodoo Queen Conjure Fete

Thank You for Participating in the 2020 Hoodoo Queen Conjure Fete

(Ticket Offer Expires March 16, 2020 ) 

Welcome to the Third Annual   Hoodoo Queen Conjure Fete™. We invite you to join us March 27th through March 29th of 2020 in the hauntingly beautiful Mobile,AL as we get heavy and deep into African American Conjure best known as Hoodoo. We are excited to announce that we will be hosting this event for the FIRST TIME  at the Mobile History Museum!  Last year was a year of diving right in with practical,  powerful, authentic and efficient work. In addition to other amazing systems of magic and indigenous spirituality. This year we are going to focus our ase on more specific workings traditionally in Hoodoo in addition to other great aspects for magic, divination and religious & folkloric dance!

Here is your Ticket Information

General Admission Tickets: General Tickets are tickets you purchase if you will be attending in Mobile,AL best known as In House Tickets .  This tickets covers all classes, rituals and events that are given throughout that day(s). There are two options General 1 Day Tickets and General 2 day Tickets. In addition to this there are VIP options that provide Additional Exclusive Goodies!

Online Tickets are a flat rate! Online attendees receive all the tools and supplies need to participate in each class without restriction.

Also check out our VIP1 & VIP2 Online Options!

All Admissions Tickets Includes Bonus Graveyard Walk Seminar and Africantown Group Ancestral Veneration Ceremony This Comes Free with any General Admission Purchase



VIP 1 is Awarded:

  • All perks of Admission Tickets PLUS: Full Exclusive Co.Meadows Conjure Love Dirt/Powder Collection which includes 6 Exclusive Dirts or Powders: Sex Me Dirt, Do As I Say Powder, Speak Now Dirt, Get Home Powder, Peaceful Home Powder, & Marry Me Powder

VIP 2 is Awarded:

  • All the perks of Admission Tickets, VIP1 in addition to a Full 6 Set of Rituals Baths which includes: Nettoyage( Cleansing), Road Opening, Clarity, The Exclusive Reve Luniar ( Witch Flight or Astral Travel), Protection, Bonne Chance ( Good Luck & Money), & Self Love



Additional Information

2020 Hoodoo Queen Conjure Fete

General Admissions 1 Day Ticket (Only), General Admissions 2 Day Ticket (Only), General Admission 1 Day + VIP 1, General Admission 1 Day + VIP2, General Admissions 2 Days + VIP 1, General Admissions 2 Day + VIP 2, Online Ticket, Online Ticket + VIP 1, Online Ticket + VIP 2, VENDOR 1 DAY, VENDOR 2 DAYS

2 reviews for 2020 Hoodoo Queen Conjure Fete

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have attended the Hoodoo Queen Conjure Fete every year since it’s inception… I must say, it truly is like going home… Everyone is family… The presenters are awesome!! and the knowledge shared is absolutely amazing!! Such a wonderful group of people! Come on out to join in this life Changing experience… Welcome Home!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I reached out to Queen CO to Assist me in a particular situation. After our consultation I was reassured that my problem will be handled and it was. I’m very thankful to have come in contact with Queen and would recommend services.

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